1. 剧名:权欲第三章
  2. 格式:高清版
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  6. 类型:卡通动画
  7. 地区:美国 
  8. 年份:2021 
  9. 更新时间:2021-09-16
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  • 《权欲第三章》剧情介绍


    To the streets, “Raq” Thomas is cold, hard and fierce — a successful and deadly woman taking names in a man’s world. She is tough, resolute, ruthless, but Raq still is capable of love. Great love. The sole recipient of that affection is her son, Kanan; he is everything to her. As much as she cares for him, though, there are many instances where one wonders if she loves him for who he is or if she loves him merely as an extension of herself. The middle child of three, Raq also carries the heavy burden as the earner for her two brothers. She is the sun, and everyone else in her universe exists in her orbit.